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    Date: WEDNESDAY JULY 12TH, 2017.


    It is with an immense sense of responsibility that I welcome Your Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello; the Executive Governor of Kogi state to our citadel of learning where our driving force is the education that makes one self reliant: The Kogi State College of Education (Technical), Kabba. It is indeed a privilege to have you in our midst as it is a rare opportunity for Your Excellency to have first hand information on the realities of the college.     
    On behalf of the Governing Council, Management, Staff and Students of the College; I warmly welcome you affectionately to our College as I reiterate the all important agenda of your administration; THE NEW DIRECTION which is now giving education a new direction and proper positioning for our teeming youths in Kogi state. This is what I call educational revivalism. We want to appreciate you, Your Excellency, for constituting the Governing Council for the College, and for showering compassion on some erring staff by pardoning them during the screening exercise. We still wish to appeal for clemency for staff members that are yet to be cleared, especially those affected by diaspora issues while on study leave.  
    Your Excellency Sir, borrowing leaf from your operational phrase  during our inauguration that we should hit the ground running; the sorry state of the College of Education (Technical),  Kabba, especially on abandoned projects at the permanent site has put immense pressure  on us all to the extent that we had to hit the ground flying rather than running.
    It is against this backdrop that I seek the indulgence of Your Excellency on the need to proactively come to the aid of the institution financially. We need you, Your Excellency to help us get to our Jerusalem that the permanent site represents. This is the only state-owned tertiary institution in the whole of Okunland, we need your presence more than ever as this institution is meant to be the pride of Kogi west in particular, the state and the Nation in general.
    I must at this point show appreciation to the Hon Commissioner of Education, Science and Technology- Dr Tolorunleke, J. S. for his unalloyed support for all the College activities in line with the New Direction drive of the present administration.
    Your Excellency Sir,   I want to briefly highlight some important information about the College. The college was established in 2010 and academic activities commenced in 2011 with Four (4) Schools and Twelve (12) Departments namely:

    1. School of Education – Departments of General Education and General Studies in Education;
    2. School of Sciences – Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Integrated Science, Physical and Health Education and Physics;
    3. School of Technical Education – Department of Technical Education with options in Automobile, Building, Electrical/Electronics, Metal Work and Wood Work Technology.
    4. School of Vocational Education – Departments of Agricultural Education and Fine and Applied Arts.

    At present, the Departments have increased to fourteen (14) with School of Vocational Education having two additional departments, viz: Business Education and Home Economics.
    Sir,  virtually all the courses offered in the College have been accredited except Physical and Health Education  that was granted interim accreditation because facilities expected were yet to be fully on ground as at the time of accreditation. These include the gymnasium which is one of the pre-requisites for accreditation. Business Education and Home Economics are yet to be accredited as the courses were newly introduced.

    The College operates basically from three locations: Academic area, Administrative area and Student Hostels. These locations are quite a distance from each other. The College has two (2) boreholes at the Hostels, one each for males and females but only one is functioning; a borehole in the Administrative area and one in Academic area. However, there is still the problem of reticulation of water from the borehole to various laboratories and toilets in the Academic area. The main source of electricity is public supply with generating sets to compliment.  
    The present situation of the College calls for urgent and determined actions to see that the permanent site of the College is opened up and the projects there are completed. The State government has invested heavily on the permanent site of the College, but none of the projects there has attained completion stage. There is the Administrative block, Library, Lecture rooms, Clinic, Workshops and Gymnasium buildings as well as the perimeter fencing and a befitting gate. These are State government funded projects.
    There are on-going TETFUND projects at the permanent site. These are two (2) numbers of 500 Capacity halls which were almost abandoned, but my serial visits to TETFUND office in Abuja immediately after my inauguration have resulted in the resumption of works on these two projects and the construction of the Home Economics and Business Education Laboratories has just begun. All these projects are special intervention 2013 and normal intervention 2015 that are to be completed within 16-20 weeks of release of money. For all these we will remain grateful to the Federal Government for these interventions through TETFUND, and hope that on completion we shall access the 2017 allocation meant for our Institution.

    The following are the major challenges of the college:
    1.There is urgent need to compel the contractors handling projects at the permanent site to go back to site, especially the contractor handling the administrative block, which is about 75% completion; library, Clinic, students Hostels, lecture rooms and staff quarters.
    The projects have been abandoned for over six years. It will be necessary Your Excellency sir, to revoke the contract if the contractor cannot complete the work and re-award for completion.

    2. Access road to the permanent site is a major challenge especially during the rainy season as part of the site is prone to water log, as Your Excellency must have discovered. There is the need therefore to expedite action on the access road to the permanent site.
    3. Other major challenges of the College include acute shortage of manpower in virtually all the departments, particularly academic like Home Economics, Business Education, and Mathematics etc. At the security section, there is urgent need to renew the contract of the college security officer.
    4. The present library structure at the temporary site is not adequate in terms of capacity for users and standard required of the academic status of the College. As we speak, there is no room for e-library equipments supplied by TETFUND
    5. Since inception of the College the State government released one (1) 18 Seater bus and one (1) Hilux pick up van in 2010 for the take off, which are becoming unserviceable, and no such gesture has come the way of the  College. The College will urgently need at least a 32seater coaster bus and a Hilux pick up van. At present, the College is facing serious mobility challenges in terms of conveying students and staff when on academic or official functions within and outside the College.
    6. Issue of security is another area which calls for intervention. There is need to fence all the operational areas of the College both at the temporary and permanent sites to protect life and properties. This will reduce if not eliminate incursions into the College.
    7. The College clinic needs to be upgraded to be able to meet the medical needs of the students particularly in the night. As at today we have only two qualified Nurses whereas we need at least six qualified Nurses for effective management of shift duties. There is the need to relocate the present makeshift clinic at Egbeda to Okedayo in the spirit of meeting the medical needs of the students.
    8. Staff promotion and welfare has been notional since 2013. All the promotions made since 2013 are not cash backed. Your Excellency, I sincerely believe you will include us in your milk of human kindness in your staff welfare packages.
    9. The internally generated revenue of the college is extremely low, and while efforts are in top gear to change the ugly trend, Your Excellency sir, we passionately appeal for an increase in our monthly impress from five million naira(#5,000,000.00) to Ten (#10,000,000.00) million naira only, to meet the ever increasing cost of running the college from three temporary sites.
    10. Electrification of the permanent site is yet another factor facilitating our movement to our permanent site. Already we have our transformer awaiting installation.
    Your Excellency Sir, I want to sincerely thank you and other members of your cabinet for providing functional vocational, technical and entrepreneurial education as replicated in the establishment of College of Education (Technical), Kabba for our teeming youths. The Governing Council, Management and Staff shall continue to work towards the actualisation of the vision of the College to be a world class, vocational and technical teacher institution. We do hope that God will use you for the realization of our lofty dreams and visions of transforming this college to an enviable pride of the Okun Nation and Kogi state at large.

    Thank you for your time and God bless.

    Date: 7TH SEPTEMBER, 2017

    Today marks another memorable day in the life of this college as we matriculate the fifth batch of students. The students are admitted for courses leading to the award of Nigeria Certificate of Education (NCE) in Technical, Vocational and Science Education programmes. The priority of the Governing Council and the Management of Kogi State College of Education (Technical) Kabba, is to offer Technical Education that makes one self-reliant.
    We give glory to God for making today’s programme a reality though delayed due to some reasons such as availing all interested and qualified applicants to obtain and complete their admission processes both with the College and Joint Admission and Matriculation Board. On this note, I wish to intimate you that the College Enrolment which usually falls within the neighborhood of one hundred has increased to over three hundred for the present NCE 1 students which are matriculating today.
    There is no doubt that this day is quite unique; unique in the sense that this is the very first time when the matriculation of the students is holding at the College’s permanent site and the second major event taking place here. The first is the hosting of His Excellency during his visit on 12th July, 2017. We sincerely hope that in no distant time you will join us in this site for the graduation ceremony of students who have passed out of the College.
    Before I proceed further, I want to sincerely appreciate our amiable, dynamic and vibrant Governor – His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello; the Executive Governor of Kogi State who is a man of his words. He does not only stay by his words but lives by them. We owe him much gratitude for all he is doing for the College. We equally have trust and confidence that he will take the College to a level where it will be second to none in Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria.
    Kogi State College of Education (Technical) Kabba runs four schools; namely: Schools of Education, Science Education, Technical Education and Vocational Education. Their various divisions are as follows:
    School of Education: General Education and General Studies in Education
    School of Science Education: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Physical and Health Education and Physics
    School of Vocational Education: Agricultural Science Education, Fine and Applied Arts Education, Business Education and Home Economics Education
    School of Technical Education: Technical Education (Automobile, Building, Electrical/Electronics, Wood Work and Metal Work).
    All the courses have been granted full accreditation by the National Council for Colleges of Education (NCCE) except Business Education and Home Economics which are newly introduced courses. Some of today’s matriculants are beneficiaries as pioneer students of the two programmes. I am equally glad to inform you that the college is presently enlisted by the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) of the Federal Government. Among the projects being executed are the Business Education and Home Economics Laboratories which are under construction at the permanent site. Therefore, the visitor to the college – His Excellency is working relentlessly to see that all programmes of the college are provided with the required manpower and insfrastructural facilities.
    The institution as a very young one needs special attention and care of both the individuals and the Government. On this note, I sincerely appeal to Patriots/Philanthropists to partner with the college in areas of provision of Hostel Accommodation, Workshops, Laboratories, Lecture Theatres, Transportation facilities, etc. the names of donors to the college will be written in gold and such personalities immortalized.
    Our priority is to move to this permanent site for our academic programmes. We strongly believe that there will be a turn around to enable us realize our goals in this direction. We therefore look forward to your positive responses. At this juncture, let me request the teaming youths that the programmes of the college are designed to empower them and make them useful to themselves and the nation. They should, therefore avail themselves this opportunity by applying for admission into the programmes of the college. As you are aware that education is the bedrock of society and a tool for nation building, the quality of education must always be brought to focus so that the perceived neglect and mass production of educated people without regards to set standard, procedure and process in education would fall ad never rise again.
    The management of the college has a zero tolerance for examination malpractice, cultism, cheating, stealing, forgery, violence and other pleasant social vices that are inimical to peace and academic integrity of the college. Therefore, any student found to be involved in any of the above ices would face outright expulsion and prosecution. The college will continue to put in place facilities that would avail the students’ exceptionally conducive environment to learn and excel in their studies.
    On this note, I charge the matriculants to be of good behavior and shun any negative tendencies that would work against or jeopardize their academic career. Remember, it is not easy to succeed in life but you need to work hard, attend your lectures punctually and regularly too. You need to show a lot of commitment to your studies. Let it be known that those who applied for any programme are many but you are only chanced to be among the few offered admission. You must see this as a golden opportunity to make impact in life.
    At this point, I want to register my appreciation to the entire staff and students of the college for your unwavering cooperation and support. I wish to also thank the host community and our royal fathers for their support and collaborations. Success is a collective responsibility, so all hands must be on deck to discharge our duties with diligence that the college may attain its desired height.
    In conclusion, I sincerely thank our invited guests, parents and other well-wishers of the college for being part of today’s ceremony. I wish you grace as you journey back to your destinations. To my dear matriculants, I desire for you a happy and prosperous stay in the college.
    Thank you for listening and God bless.